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    VEE BEE Consistometer

    The Vee Bee Consistometer is precisely manufactured in compliance with the set industry norms to ensure flawlessness. It is used for determining workability and consistency of fresh concrete. Featuring slump cone, our Vee Bee Consistometer is provided with a graduated rod that helps the operator to find out slump values. Also, it is designed with a vibration table with container and acrylic disc that is used to find out workability of concrete.Consists of a vibrating table size 380mm long and 260mm wide resting upon elastic support at a height of about 305mm above the floor.A holder is fixed to the base into which a swivel arm is telescoped with funnel and guide sleeve. The swivel arm is also detachable from the vibrating table.A graduated rod is fixed on a swivel arm and at its end a plastic disc is screwed.A slump cone open at both ends with lifting handles and a tamping rod of size 16mm dia and 600mm long