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    Ultrasonice Pulse Velocity Concrete Tester

    A Sleek Light & easy to use Instrument the Digital Ultrasonic Concreter Tester (DUCT ) uses Ultrasonic non Destructive technique for concrete testing .the Technique Involves Determination of Velocity of Ultrasonic Pulses through the material to be tested the velocity of longitudinal Ultrasonic Pulse is related to the Elastic Properties and Density of the material through which it is Travelling . The Quality of some materials is sometimes related to their Elastic Stiffness so that measurement of Ultrasonic Pulse velocity in such materials can be used to indicate their Quality as to determine their elastic properties Duct generates Ultrasonic pulses and measures transits time in microseconds the pulse velocity is determined by the equation Pulse Velocity =Path Length/Transits Time .the path length is the distance which the pulse travels through the material .DUCT can also be used effectively to test Heterogeneous materials other than Concrete like timber Refractory linings etc.


    • Display: Four Digit Seven Segment Display with LED over range indication
    • Accuracy: +/-0.1 Microsecond for entire range
    • Measurement Range: Approx. 0.5 Meters in Concrete can be Checked up to 5 Meters with lower Frequency probe
    • Input Sensitivity: 150 Microvolt Between 50 KHz to 500 KHz
    • Input Impedance: 1 M Ohm Approx.
    • Energising Pulse: 600v Peak for 2 Microseconds
    • Pulse Repetition Rate: Nominal 3 p.r.r and 30 p.r.r Switch Selected
    • Power Supply: (a)Mains , 10 watts (Average )
    • Standard Probe Resonant Frequency: 150 KHz Approx.
    • Weight: 3 Kg (Approx.)
    • Ambient Temperature Range: 0̊ C to 45 ̊C